Sprint/T-Mobile Merger: A swing and a miss

Sprint, T-Mobile Deal Collapses



Marty Brown
Chief Executive Officer at Next-Gen Foundation Products, LLC
Seasoned, professional real estate entrepreneur experienced in all aspects of commercial real estate development including wireless towers, DAS, Telecom Site Acquisition, Leasing, Zoning, Government Relations, (Franchise/ Jurisdictional Agreements), UtilityTower/Node Attachment Agreements, subdivisions, apartment buildings, single family homes and big box retail. Including TIF, Bond sales and affordable housing.

Leased, Zoned and Permitted in excess of 2,000 wireless sites throughout the U.S.

Constructed/Sold over 75 tower sites to various tower companies throughout the U.S.

Familiar with all development data base programs as well as most tower company and carrier Leases.

Project Manager of up to 20 Site Acquisition agents.

Versed in all aspects of tower development including regulatory at local, state and Federal levels for both macro and small site applications.

Provided site acquisition services to various hotel, retailers and gas station companies as well as to out pad drive-thru kiosk users for coffee and other retailers


Specialties: Complex Lease Negotiations
Site Acquisition-Alternative Fuel Sources
New Build Site Acquisition
ROW Permitting
Small Cell Node Site Selection (in excess of 700)
Small Cell in ROW as well as Private Property
Small Cell/ ODAS
Franchise Agreement Negotiations
Master Lease Agreement Negotiations
Building Permit Expeditor
Easements and Right of Way
Cell Tower Development
Rooftop Management
ROW negotiations
Fiber to tower/building
Avid Craft Brewer